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Serial: KOL 10
Unit served: Royal Air Force Wildenrath
Serving railway: DB
Tariff Station: Wegberg
Original occupant: Not known
Date of British occupation: Not known
Main user: RAF
Co-user: Nil
Operating Manager: RAF
Operating Agent to Handover Point: DB
Operating Agent from Handover Point: DB
Usual Locomotive: Nil (One Type 'C' usually retained on site until 1970s)
Ruling Gradient: Not known
Length of track: Not available; to improve capacity between the depot and DB connection at Klinkum, a short passing loop was provided between turnouts 2L and 3R, on the approach track.
Turnouts: 19
Map sheet: Not available
Operating staff: Nil
Notes: The airfield rail siding fell into disuse by the early 1980s, although the connection and track remained intact until its closure in the mid 1990s.  Service trains could be worked from Arsbeck/Brüggen, with a short crossing of the DB at Klinkum.  Since the air base closed, Siemens has transformed the site into a state of the art railway test centre (details).
Depot Diagram date: c. 1975

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